Domestic violence and family violence often takes place ‘behind closed doors’. In the past it was seen very much as a ‘private family matter’ that society should not get involved with.

It can be difficult for those who are, or who have experienced violence to come forward because they may feel isolated, ashamed, confused or just too afraid to speak about their experiences. Sometimes they blame themselves for the violence because they have been told by their partner on many occasions, that they ‘provoked’ it.

April 2013 Newsletter

Domestic & Family Violence Prevention Month

May 2016

Our two main events taking place in May are :

Candlelighting Remembrance Ceremony to be held on Wednesday May 4th at The Hilton Cairns at 5.30pm. All welcome. Sponsored by The Hilton Cairns and Staging Connections.

Domestic & Family Violence Prevention Month Breakfast to be held on Friday 20th May at The Hilton Cairns at 7.00am. By invitation or purchased ticket prior to event.

More details on our Events Page


"Parenting Beyond Violence" Groups

A group for women who’ve experienced domestic violence, who may or may not have children currently in their care. Parenting Beyond Violence (PBV) explores the dynamics of domestic violence and the impact it may have on women and their children, focusing on how domestic violence influences parenting.

First group commences on 9th May for six weeks - download the flyer here

Second group commences on 17th October for six weeks - download the flyer here


Vest on a Quest Rides Again

Val from the Tablelands is riding again to support the prevention of domestic and family violence. This year she'll be taking on the All Trails 700km journey through Victoria during April. If you would like to support Val you can make a donation via our Make A Donation link below. Please ref your donation with "Val". All donations support CRDVS and Womens Centre Atherton to provide financiall and material support to victims experiencing domestic and family violence. Thank you Val for continuing to raise awareness through your rides.

Dowload the Flyer with more details about Val's ride here

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