Campaign 2010

The Great WheelBarrow Race

May 14th to 16th saw the annual 150km Great Wheelbarrow Race from Mareeba to Chillagoe and this year Robyn Campman took part as a solo runner.  Robyn raised funds for our service and also for the Tableland Women’s Centre in Atherton.

Every step to Chillagoe was dedicated to Robyn’s sister, Pauline Austin, and niece, Kelly Morris, who were allegedly murdered in 2009 by Pauline’s ex-partner.  Robyn was determined to finish the race and hoped that she inspired other victims of domestic violence to speak out.

Robyn began training in January, running 10km every second day and working up to 25km every weekend with her trainer and race supporter, Sandro Soncin. The training obviously paid off as Robyn came in first in her category.

Robyn raised a total of $9,100 towards client support for victims of Domestic Violence in Cairns and the Tablelands.

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The Gold Coast Marathon 2010

On the 4th of July 2010, Amanda Lee-Ross, Manager of our service took part in the 32nd Gold Coast Airport Marathon.  It was Amanda’s first attempt at the 42 kilometre race whilst raising funds for the service too.

Although Amanda had been running since her mid-twenties, the furthest she had ever run before was a half marathon.  “That was a very long time ago now, so I just hope I can keep plodding away” Amanda said.

She started her training in late January and ran 4 times a week, running her longest distances on Sundays.  She even managed to carry on training when the sudden death of her brother meant she had to return to the UK in late March.  “One day I was running in 28 degree heat with humidity and the next it was 8 degrees with a bitter easterly wind and jet lag.  I no longer have any cold weather running gear so people must have thought me very strange when they saw me running in shorts with black tights underneath them, woolly gloves and a borrowed anorak!” she said.

“I know my brother thought I was mad to run a marathon, but I also know that he would have been really proud of me too, so I want to do it for him now and to raise money for the service” she said.

Amanda ran the course in 4 hours 11 minutes and raised over $2,200 for clients of our service.

Consider donating - more information on our Fundraising page