Vision of the Service

Our vision statement is :
Making a difference-bringing domestic and family violence to an end.

Our Purpose

The CRDVS aims to use its specialist knowledge and skills to prevent domestic and family violence in the community and to empower those affected by it, by providing counselling, support, advocacy and community education and professional training to all stakeholders.  While undertaking this, the CRDVS will at all times strive to uphold high levels of professionalism and accountability.

Organisation Values

The organisation values governing CRDVS include:

  • Commitment to the safety and well being of staff and clients, including children and young people, who use our services, acknowledging that safety and security for women and children experiencing or escaping domestic violence and/or family violence is paramount;
  • Commitment to the values of access, equity, empowerment, social justice, fairness, accountability, openness and transparency when dealing with clients, staff and stakeholders;
  • Recognition and acknowledgement that services must be appropriate to the social, linguistic and cultural values of all individuals and families;
  • Acknowledgement that perpetrators of domestic violence and/or family violence are responsible for their actions. The notion of blame being attributed to the victim is not acceptable;
  • Clients and stakeholders will be treated with respect and understanding at all times;
  • Promotion of the highest standards of ethical behaviour and professional integrity amongst CRDVS staff and management;
  • Commitment as a learning organisation, promoting knowledge management and a continuous learning culture to improve what we do.