What to expect from our service

The Cairns Regional Domestic Violence Service aims to provide high quality, responsive services to our clients. Our service is staffed by qualified professionals with experience in adult and child/youth counselling, court support, community development and professional training.
We will:

  • Attend to you as quickly as we are able by answering the phone promptly;
  • Ensure that if the person you talk to cannot answer your enquiry, they will put you in touch with someone who can;
  • Listen to, validate and believe you;
  • Treat you with respect, dignity and consideration;
  • Respect gender, race, ethnic origin, class, religion, political/philosophical beliefs, values and sexuality;
  • Respond to all your letters and emails in a timely manner;
  • Keep information confidential unless there are concerns for safety or harm to self or others;
  • If a complaint arises, we will work with you to understand and address your concerns.

Contact Us For An Appointment

How you can assist us

Tell us your needs

Help us to understand your needs so that we can give you the best possible service. You can do this by talking with our staff and participating in the consultation activities we conduct. We will listen to you.

Tell us if things change for you

Please tell us if there are changes we should know about, for example, changes to your contact details.

Tell us how we are doing

If something happens that you like or do not like about our service, please let us know. We want to ensure your issues are heard. You can tell us in a way that suits you :

  • Talk to a staff member or manager
  • Contact us via email at email/office)(dvcairns.org
  • Call us on 07 4033 6100 during our business hours
  • Write to us at Cairns Regional Domestic Violence Service Inc, PO Box 12103, Cairns Delivery Centre, Qld. 4870

Read or download a copy of CRDVS Client Service Charter Read or download a copy of CRDVS Statement and Commitment to Safety of Children and Young People Read or download a copy of CRDVS Feedback and Complaints Brochure