Domestic & Family Violence Checklist

If your partner or a family member is showing any signs on this list then you may be experiencing one or more forms of domestic violence.

  1. Is your partner jealous of your friends, family and even pets?
  2. Do you discourage people from phoning you at home when your partner is there because they resent it and make talking difficult or uncomfortable?
  3. Does your partner use bodily or facial expressions or noises to show extreme anger and loss of control, in order to frighten you?
  4. Does your partner threaten to ‘punish you’ or ‘teach you a lesson’ if you do not comply with their demands?
  5. Does your partner suggest that you are ‘stupid’ or ‘crazy’ if you disagree with them?
  6. Does your partner apologise and say the abuse is simply a sign of deep love or fear of losing your love?
  7. Does your partner claim to know the ‘right’ way to do things, and that you do not know what is ‘right’?
  8. Do you often feel like you are walking on egg shells?
  9. Does your partner keep guns, knives or other weapons close at hand?
  10. Do you at times feel overpowered by your partner’s presence whether they are with you or not?

If you believe you are experiencing any of the above, are unsure what to do and wish to talk confidentially about it then call our service on 4033 6100 during business hours. In an emergency or after hours, call 1800 811 811.

Activity Sheets

Here are additional checklist activity sheets that may be downloaded as resources.