Impacts on Children

What are the impacts on Children and Young People ?

Children and young people are affected by domestic and family violence even if they have not seen the abuse. Some ways children may react include:

  • Trying to intervene to stop the abuse or being stunned into terrified silence by what they see;
  • Copying the abusive haviour;
  • Wetting the bed, becoming nervous and withdrawn;
  • Blaming themselves or becoming frustrated, depressed and angry.

Children and young people may need some help to deal with these difficulties and a child counsellor is available at our service to assist them.

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Exhibition of Art Works created by Children affected by DV

During May 2013 we held an exhibition of artworks created by some of our child clients to show how their own experience of domestic and family violence had affected them. We titled the exhibition "Invisible" as this was how many children felt about their situation.

View an insight into the exhibition on our YouTube channel