Adult Counselling

Counselling sessions involve individual face to face counselling with a counsellor who specifically deals in domestic violence issues. These sessions take place in a private, confidential and safe environment. They enable you to discuss your experiences with someone who is understanding and supportive and they can be tailored to help you achieve your personal goals.

What are the effects of domestic violence ?

  • Higher stress levels
  • Higher levels of anxiety and depression
  • More likely to abuse alcohol/drugs
  • Difficulty with coping and problem solving
  • Have fewer support networks due to social isolation
  • Feelings of low self worth and poor confidence

What can the counsellor help you with ?

  • Help you discuss your experiences/situation
  • Understand what has happened to you and why
  • Reduce feelings of blame and guilt
  • Decrease anxiety and depression
  • Build professional and non-professional support networks
  • Assess your safety and build a safety plan
  • Increase self worth and confidence
  • Learn coping strategies
  • Learn problem-solving skills

Who is eligible for this service ?

Any person who is or has been a victim of domestic and/or family violence.

What does it cost ?


CRDVS Head Office, Professional House, 88 Abbott Street Cairns